Selling II

Sounds like you are failing your way to success Scholar. You are taking action, failing, learning what works (and doesn’t work), tweaking and adjusting and taking more action. Your failing is teaching you what doesn’t work so you can keep moving towards what does and the better you get at failing, the more you will learn. If failing is part of the process, check in on how you are thinking about your results. Are you working “the problem” or are you making yourself part of the problem and blocking your learning?

Hmm, I think both. Sometimes I’m making myself the problem and blocking myself from learning from my fails. I go into a pity party for a little bit which is not helpful at all.

What if you were willing to do 100 launches to sell your membership so this is trial number 2? How would think and feel differently?

It would be a more motivating thought to think rather than I just keep failing towards nothing. But if I’m failing and getting closer to my goal that just feels better.