Square Zero

I am stuck. Literally. I have been certified since October 2021 and I have done nothing. At first I was in niche drama, then I decided on my niche, but I still don’t have a website. My social media presence is more absence than presence and I literally have no idea where to start. Every time I think about my business I freeze. I tried to divide everything in smaller steps but it did not work.

C: I write a IG Post
T: It’s repetitive BS, nobody needs to hear this
F: I feel constantly stupid and irrelevant
A: I freeze, I go on social media for hours to see what people who are more successful and organized are doing, with their thousands of followers that they grew from zero; I start a post and I abandon it, I cannot go through with it, I want to quit this thing, I complain to myself, I don’t like feeling stupid, I start a dialogue with myself where I try to convince myself that this is the price of growth, but tell myself I don’t care.
R: The posts are not me / I have a blank brain

And its a freaking loop. I don’t like it there. I understand that its a misery river or whatever, but I don’t see how to go through it on the other side.