Start on a Health, Business, and Life Coaching Journey for Women 40+

I am a multi-passionate human. My background is in business: MBA, CPG (including Food & Beverage analyst) for nearly a decade, now a CFO in a high-growth startup. However, personal life circumstances veered me toward health and life coaching.

I am a certified plant-based nutrition and health coach. I am also training to be a life coach. A few years ago I started writing a food and health blog as a way to share that eating healthy can be tasty and fun. Somewhere in the middle, I started coaching women 40+ who are going through menopause and somewhat of a personal health and life crisis due to a number of issues including hormone change. The program worked and now I am thinking of making video lessons for my clients. I already have a website somewhat under construction that offers recipes and some health advice in general.

My long-term goal is to start another website where I could coach women 40+ on health and starting/building their own businesses. Should I start the website in my name or the program name, or should I turn my food blog into the coaching website with a different name even though this may be not suited for long-term business coaching/consulting?

I think I am exploring a lot of ideas and need to start focusing.