Stuck in marketing confusion

I am in the position of constantly watering down my business because I am a full time teacher. The business is something I birthed out of creativity.

I’m to the point where I’ve been working with my coach, a life coach school member, about connecting my businesses together (fitness instructor + VIP program) with my supplement company. I believe I have a great offer but I allow myself to get stuck in confusion because I have so many legs.

– I offer a free VIP portal of 15 minute workouts for all members who buy my supplements
– I have four courses that I have priced so well. I over deliver massively but no one is buying because I don’t know how to market them.

Which leads me to the real question. I’m not sure how to professionally market and set up ads, grow my email list, etc. I lost my large social media platform earlier this year so I have drama around my small audience.

I am ready to hire this out, but how do I start finding the people for this work and what’s a responsible price for someone to market my business?