Stuck in sharing my offer


So last May I completely changed my coaching niche and I now finally have a clear offer that I’m feeling great about. The next step is to share with the world about it and I’m honestly stuck in that step. I’m stuck because I provide support for couples after baby loss and it’s a very sensitive topic, and I don’t want to look insensitive when sharing my services and I don’t want it all to look like it’s about money rather than a higher purpose. And this is why I’m sort of shying away from fully sharing my services, but in the same time I know that in order to help people they first need to know about me and what I do. To know about what’s possible and available for them. So it feels like I’m super close but also super far from bringing healing to those in need. And because I’m feeling stuck in this initial step, it also blocks the further steps. It blocks my intuitive knowing of what is to be done next. And so I’d love some help on that.

Thank you!