What software technology/applications does Brooke recommend for starting a coaching business.

I have a part-time, word-of-mouth referral nutrition/wellness coaching business and my big audacious goal for it is to expand to make $100k a year. This would require me to sign five new coaching clients a month at $1800 for 3 months of coaching. I work full-time, which is awesome as I have resources to put into finding clients and am in the coaching certification starting 25 April which will help me better manage my minds and help clients too.

The marketplace is filled with options and I would rather cut to the chase and set up systems and web assets correctly from the get go. Should I have a webpage? WordPress? Do you recommend click funnels or ontraport or both with ontraport being the CRM? or just ontraport for everything CRM, email etc?

Thank you for any guidance you can give is appreciated.