What my niche should be pt 2

One key reason to define a niche in your business is so that you can understand, speak to, and market directly to your audience. That doesn’t mean you can’t coach people outside of your niche, you can. But, just because people outside of your niche approach you doesn’t mean that has to be your niche.
Yes absolutely understand this. Happy at this stage to take on the clients I have regardless of their goals/issues.

As you work to refine a clear, simple niche that is easily marketable, make sure you can answer these key questions:
Who am I serving?
What is the problem they want help solving?
What words would they type into Google to find help for their problem?
How will I help them solve it?
Why is what I offer compelling to them?
Yes, I can answer all of these if I sit in a niche of ‘relationship coach’.

Of the things you listed about these women, what is the overriding problem they want to fix? Is it feeling stuck? Figuring out who they are? When you are coaching them, for example, you may also end up helping them understand how to let go of expectations, set boundaries, let go of control, and so on, but ask yourself if that is what they are out searching for.
This is my issue, I don’t think there is an overriding issue. I even polled my group with the question ‘what is one problem you would like solved?’ and it was all over the place – perfectionism, learning to be authentic, time management, motivation etc.

Once you narrow down who you are serving and what their problem is that you will solve, use your answers to these questions to test your niche. The only way you will know if it is narrow enough is to test it out.
What if I made my niche ‘the person’? As in who do all my clients want to become? They want to be the woman who isn’t hard on herself and demands perfection, they want to feel motivated and schedule their time better to achieve what they want in life, they want to do it from an authentic place and feel awesome about it. Is this too broad again??