WTF am I offering?

Hi coaches. I am a WL coach. I don’t offer meal plans etc. but instead help you understand your emotions and why you feel motivated etc.

When making sales calls, people ask what my program is about. I say its all about your relationship with yourself and food. You learn to manage your mind and the drama that comes with it. While I believe in my method wholeheartedly, when I’m explaining to people and saying I teach you “how to manage your mind and mind drama” sound like something not tangible. Sounds very vague and not like it can give concrete results. For example, a meal plan or diet plan at least gives something concrete. Aka eat XYZ and you get this result. I know that this doesn’t work long term and that’s why I don’t offer it. Instead I speak more about the emotional and mental aspect of it. I have this thought that people think that the ‘mindset’ part of it is rubbish, and don’t understand or believe the value of it and the impact it can have. It sounds all vague and up in the air.

An example of this is consistency. I say I can show you why you haven’t been consistent, and why you aren’t consistent and show you how to do that. Then they often ask how, and I respond through examining the relationship you have with yourself and following through and what you tell yourself.
This sounds like an eye rolling situation, and doesn’t sound concrete or compelling. This is making me not show up in sales calls the way that I want to be showing up!