100 urges worksheet

Hello Brooke. I am using the allowed urges worksheet for my stop overeating protocol and not having all the junk food my brain and habits want. So tonight, it started with one urge to really want an Old-fashioned donut. I didn’t give in. A few minutes later it had morphed into chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery/diner. Again—no go. A few minutes later it was cornbread muffins/butter/pinto beans from a home cooking diner. No go. Lots of self coaching in between and also allowing the urge to just go take a nap as a form of buffering or resisting these urges. Then it was the urge to order a pizza and just give up on this whole dang thing. No go. Back to the chocolate chip cookies urge. Non of these given into.

So here’s the question: for purposes of the 100 allowed urges worksheet, is that one long morphing urge or a bunch of individual urges? And should I jot the allowed urge to just nap or go to sleep as a coping mechanism (which I used to do as well when I wanted some sort of food and would not allow myself to have it)?

One work evening down…. If I had not announced to so many people at work and elsewhere that I was doing this I very well might have given in. Something to be said for announcing to people when you are starting some new dietary or habit-breaking plan!