100 urges

I’m a business owner and book-writing coach and love my first month of SCS. I joined to hire a coach and “put my money where my mouth is”. Steve Chandler convinced me that if I want people to invest in my coaching then I need to invest in a coach. So glad I did.

Is it possible that I can use the 100 urges to follow and act on “things” I’m resisting? Call Mom. Clean your closet. Throw away old shampoo that never worked. Call elderly neighbor. Pick up spouses socks. Call friend to meet for coffee. Etc. etc. I’m frequently urged in these directions, but don’t always follow through. Is it possible my life could be so much different, and my mind more free to fill with other good, if I did follow these urges with action? I’m never short of ideas of what I can do for others, but not sure where to draw the line with this sort of urge. Thanks, Brooke, for all you do.