1st protocol

I am 1 week into my first protocol, and it is working well so far. I’m doing NSNF, no snacks, I eat 3 meals a day, and I’m restricting my food to non-starchy vegetables, fats, and protein (meat). I have included red wine on weekend evenings (1 glass per weekend evening). I have not had any fruit, any grain, or any joy eats yet. I have already lost 7 pounds (I want to lose 65 pounds).

My question is this: Is it a bad idea to start with such a restrictive protocol? I thought I would do this one for 2 weeks and then make a change of some sort. However, my concern (I would call it a worry) is that I have nowhere to go except to eat 2 meals. I know that my weight loss will be fast at first and then slow down. If I don’t have any foods to “add” how will I make sure I continue to lose. Should I add in starchy vegetables now? (I don’t want to, but I want to be strategic and support the fastest and also the most sustainable weight loss). I’m working hard on the urges/desires and allowing space for my feelings and looking at my current thoughts and what I want them to be.

I am finding this phrase: I am honoring my commitment to myself VERY EMPOWERING!
I’m also using: Food is fuel; fuel is easy (and Money is easy; I love money).
I repeat these out loud during my commute to work.

Thank you for creating Scholars. I have already noticed a difference in my mindset!