2. Model: Money Beliefs

Hello! :)))

I discovered that I have some money beliefs that are holding me back and it is putting me in a place of fear. My family taught me that money is hard to make and I have to work hard to get it. Thoughts about having money make me freak out. I think that I’m not worthy of it. If I get it, I’ll lose it. The money will generate family issues.

All those thoughts about money lead me to not control or even look at my bank account. Intellectual, I understand money is good and I want to have more. I want to have a healthy relationship with money for my future being.

I ran some models on it and I would like your advice and tips about it.

Unintentional Model

C: Money beliefs
T: My family didn’t teach how to control my money/ finances.
F: Out of control / Victim
A: Don’t control my finances
R: Debit

Intentional Model

C: Money beliefs
T: I’m learning how to control my money and financial life.
F: Motivated / Confident
A: Control my finances
R: Debit free

Thank you!