3 Joy Food Questions

1) Is it better to just forego joy eating until I reach my goal weight. If I go off sugar and flour isn’t a joy eat the once in a while “sex with the neighbor”? Won’t it just reinforce cravings?

2) If you do recommend a joy eat, my favorite joy eat is a slice of chocolate cheesecake (Cheesecake factory cheesecake). Lots of calories and expensive and wasteful to have 3-5 bites then toss. What do you think of having a full slice once every three weeks?

3) When I eat other desserts, I don’t enjoy them as much as the cheesecake and will immediately feel deprived of my favorite joy eat and consider getting a slice of cheesecake and am not satisfied until I do.
C- eating apple crumble w/ice cream
T- I just wasted a joy eat. I did not enjoy this dessert. I want my chocolate cheesecake. I can’t wait another three weeks.
F- deprivation, impatience, self-anger
A-continue with thinking these thoughts until I have cheesecake
R-eventually give in and buy the cheesecake

new model
C-ate apple crumble
T-this dessert was not as enjoyable as my cheesecake. Good knowledge for the future.
F-self-awareness and self-mastery
A-wait until time for the next joy eat and eat the cheesecake
R-I adhere to my planned joy eat schedule