30 day goal – feedback please!

Hi there – I’m right on track with the September work, and am loving it so far. I’d like some feedback on my work, so I can make it as solid and effective as possible.

Coincidentally, I am starting rehearsal for a play today, and it opens on October 1st. There’s a lot of work to do in that time, especially since the role is different than the type of roles I usually play. I want to use this as an opportunity to really clean up my thoughts during a rehearsal process, shift my neediness / approval seeking which often gets in the way of my creativity and enjoyment, and see how effective I can be during a short period of time. This is a bit different than what scholars suggests for the 30 day goal, since there is an externally opposed deadline, but truthfully I don’t want to focus on another goal while in rehearsal so I’m really seeing it as a divine coincidence. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the language of my goal – I tried to make it as measurable as possible – and my models as well. I hope this process while create a new model of how I rehearse and take part in collaborations! Thanks so much.

My goal is: by October 1st, 8pm, I will be ready and excited to open this play. I will know it’s done because I will be word perfectly off-book, feel the character living in me, and my thoughts about the work will be clear, creative, and enjoyable to think — I will embrace any fear as a part of the process of performing, as opposed to stemming from work I don’t think I fully got done.

Unintentional Model

C rehearsing on my own
T I don’t know where to start
F anxious, like I’m really behind
A procrastination / inaction
R more feeling of behind and like starting is hard

Intentional Model #1

C rehearsing on my own
T I don’t need to know the end result, I just need to know the now result (aka just start!)
F curious
A get to work 1 moment / exercise at a time
R beginning to find the role in me

Intentional model #2

C rehearsing on my own
T I’m so excited to find the role in me
F excited
A pick up my script
R getting more work done on my own