3D mammo

Hi Brooke….I was not picked for coaching today so instead of waiting till next week(because im in alot of pain) i thought i would write here. I went to get a mammography on tuesday. I have fears of radiation and have put it off for 4 yrs. So i finally went on tuesday and when i checked in i saw a notice about this new 3D mammo and started to panic. I knew nothing about it…if the machine gave more radiation or even if i needed it. I always like to research something first before i consent. I always feel doctors have their own agenda and i like to do my own research. The notice said i could request the 2D mammo(the usual one ive always taken). When i walked into the exam room with the technician i noticed that the machine said 3D so i told the tech i wanted the 2D and she started to say the MD recommends the 3D…I was all confused at this point not knowing what to do when she said let me get the doctor,which she did. The doctor was very nice and explained that this xray is much better and how it can find very early cancers because it is 3 dimensional and covers more tissue. I specifically asked her if there was more radiation and told her about my concerns of excess radiation(because ive had so many xrays in my life)and she was extremely understanding and sweet and went on to explain the benefits of the 3D…in the back of my head im thinking(knowing) shes just selling her NEW expensive machine,even though i do believe she believes it)…..I was really on the spot because i was there,with the robe on AND i had avoided it for 4 years….i was very confused, and then she said it might prevent having to take additional images because of how much more accurate it is and they always call me back for additional images. So i agreed reluctantl…and had it done. NOW i read that it actually DOES have more radiation and it radiates for longer. It felt that way to me….each image took 10 seconds vs other machine which is much quicker. I am in a complete panic now and i feel very victimized. I feel like i did damage to my body by it having to absord excess radiation. I read that 3D is good for high risk patients which i am NOT one and have never had any medical or family history of breast issues. I am VERY disappointed with myself that i didnt just insist on the 2D and i wouldnt be upset right now. I am having very obsessive mind/body thoughts of how i radiated all my organs…because radiation travels thru the body and the heart and lungs receive radiation due to proximity. ..I have fears of radiaition damaging my body and changing DNA/cells and now i feel very betrayed by doctor and myself for not giving myself the option to look into the 3D and make my own decision without having to make the decision on the spot…..I cant seem to get over that i did my body irreparable damage…..thank you and so sorry this is so long