5:30am YogaFlow and Tired

Please provide feedback on these models as necessary. I’m not sure what my R line is. I thought we couldn’t have a feeling in the R line?

C-taught BodyFlow class 5:30 AM Monday
T-I had to get up this morning at 4:30 AM
F-tired, sleepy
A-yawn, stretch, complain, sleep, try to take a nap
R-stay tired throughout the day

C-Taught a YogaFlow class this morning 5:30 AM
T-I taught YogaFlow at 5:30 AM today
F-proud, accomplished?
A-tell people I did it instead of complain in my mind about being so tired
R-feel energized throughout the day? But not really, I’m still tired? Can we put a feeling in the R line?