6 weeks with no weight loss

I know I have heard you say that you didn’t lose any weight for the first 6 weeks on the program and then it really started to drop off. Is there any way you could elaborate on this? Or give your reasoning why you think that was? I am on week 3-4 of no sugar/flour, which I had been trying to do before that but with sporadic cheats and falling off etc. I have barely lost any weight at all (I know I have 20-25 to lose) and while I mostly feel good about my habits, I have moments where I am thinking what the heck and what is going on? I know I am still doing some buffering with healthy food but other than that I don’t get it and I have always lost weight much faster in the past. Also, I was exercising before and so have maintained 5 day a week workouts. Any thoughts on this?