7 weeks left to sell the house.

Yesterday we had 10th visit with real estate agent& clients to our house we’ve got 14 months on the market. Today we got a call; “No, they found it too modern”. Before every visit I did all that was in my power to prepare as well as possible. All 10 times I was convinced we had found the buyer. During these 14 months I’ve tried/used many creative approaches.

This is my 3rd month is SCS and I can say I’ve never been so calm and centered before in a period that I consider rather challenging or interesting:-) No drama, or much less drama, and when start I’m aware what I’m doing.

Our house is not sold yet. We’ll be moving at the end of September to our new house. We’re in the process of building the new house, with some unexpected issues. We’re in the middle of a restructuring of our business with >150 employers. We’re opening a shop. I’m having some (new) health issues. I’m able to see all what’s happening (most of the time) as neutral and work with it. But not always…

This is a model that I wrote. I was able to really feel and do this:
C. The real estate agent just called, the client doesn’t make an offer, they think our house is too modern
T. I was sooo positive this 10th visit would bring us the buyer: not.
F. Disappointed
A. Sitting and feeling the disappointment, cried, went for a 1000m swim
R. Came back home, could go back to the positive, energetic mood that I felt before.

In the meantime I also have this model running (so I still do drama as well):
C. After 14 months our house has not been sold yet, and we move at the end of September
T. I’m afraid we will not find a buyer in just 7 weeks that last.
F. Nervous
A. Not being able to concentrate on alternative strategies, not being creative in another approach, feeling ‘blocked’
R. Less chance on finding a buyer within 7 weeks when in this state of mind

C. Same
T. I’m able to use all my creativity to find a buyer that likes our house as we do, we only need one:-) My creativity is unlimited.
F. Enthusiastic
A. Brainstorming with my husband for any other option, doing research what niche of the market might be interested and approach them in a way that fits this niche, continuing with what we are doing.
R. Finding the right person

This afternoon I was really feeling the disappointment and remembered a recent coach call, the ‘feet rub call’. I remembered Brooke saying, “sometimes you want to be jealous”, and I thought, sometimes I want to feel disappointed. And I was sitting with it. Then I felt I wanted to do something active and went to the lake nearby for a 1000m swim. I came back refreshed and I’m starting again, or better, continue finding this specific buyer we’re looking for.

What about doing models also when you consider that something went well, that I was feeling what I ‘had’ to feel. To get a confirmation that I’m learning?

What do you think of the last two models, the unintentional and the intentional?

Thank you!