A Failed dare

I just wanted to share a failed dare. I walked my friend’s dog yesterday morning for the first time. I know this dog, but it was the first time I ever took him out without one of the owners. My friend told me I could take him off leash once in the woods, and he would come back. My dare was to trust the dog would come back. I did the work before it, and though nervous, still committed to do it. But I just could not do it. I told myself all sorts of whys during the walk, and reached for the clip twice, but couldn’t! I am sharing this because even though I did not do it, I did work when I got home and found out the real reason why which did NOT show up in my first model – this dog is the most precious gift to my friends, and holding his safety in my hands was too valuable to lose. My pre-woods walk model was that I didn’t have time to wait if he ran – so very different that the more intense real model!) I am OK with my choice now that I know the reason, but you can bet before the month is over, that dog and I are going out in the woods again! Not a “fail” after all, just another dare opportunity!