A guy who reached out

Someone reached out to me saying he wanted to get some coaching with me. I offered him to have a short chat just so it can help him. He was not my ideal client still offered to help.

He decided that he wanted to actually join the coaching program. I also offered him to join 60 min free coaching call to just focus on what he can get help with.

He did not show up for the call. I had to message him to come to call and cancelled without even letting me know. I was okay with that.

Then he started commenting stuff on my posts saying I shouldn’t be coaching people, I should or should not do in my business even when I did not ask for any. He commented about my age, my voice, about investment I should make or not make, what things I should learn. He said I don’t value my potential client and that I act rude.

I said thanks!. But he continued saying stuff about me and my business on my Facebook DM even though I didn’t ask for any.
And in the end he says “You lost something that could have been amazing.”

I feel so angry because I was never the one who reached out to this guy. He reached out saying he wanted coaching, made so many comments about what I should or should not do in my business saying “he was trying to help me.” Then he says he just says stuff idk.

I never texted this guy and never ever convinced him to buy anything from me. I genuinely wanted to help.
I am angry that he makes it seem like I was desperate and all of this was my fault.

Is the guy saying all of this stuff neutral? I know my thoughts are making me feel angry. But what he said about my business was not a neutral circumstance?

I don’t know if I want to make my circumstance as: A guy said words