A low ‘cluttered’ feeling

Good morning.

I’m continuing to work on time management this month & am learning a lot about how my mind works & how my Monday Hour One and calendar organising are work in progress. Can I please get feedback on my models after thought download this morning?

(start with F)
C: yesterday Thursday didn’t get through the things on my calendar
T: I can’t manage to do all the things I want to do, I keep failing
F: feel low
A: Create a calendar that’s not doable, either too cluttered or too vague,
Motivation very low in the various tasks & when the time comes I don’t do them
keep telling myself ‘I’m tired’ and skip tasks
too much social media as buffering
overeating, ate packet of crackers (last night) – unusual for me
telling myself ‘I’m failing in Monday hour one’
telling myself ‘I won’t achieve my goals’
R: not effective in looking after myself (work & other things)

(intentional model, start with R)
C: yesterday Thursday didn’t get through the things on my calendar
F: intentional
A: rethink my calendar friday morning & make sure it’s kindly structured
Ask ‘in ask coaches’ – is it wise to change calendar during week? it comes up as something that’s needed
Get through my caseload admin today as a priority
keep noting my tasks as they come to mind during the day in my little notebook rather than attending to them there & then: this has helped
schedule short blocks of time for email, reading, piano, walking, strength exercises, tidying, keep to rest times – these are in calendar but the times I’ve scheduled don’t seem right
follow meal plan
do journaling if needed in the evening again
take the day one thing at a time
do an hour of ‘batching’ small things on my list
R: friday night, closing my week well