A question

This is my 12th month in SCS. It’s been a very interesting experience but to be honest for the last 6 months I haven’t been doing much of the work. My husband and I are quite financially stretched and we have agreed this would be my last month in SCS.
During this period I have learnt about myself, in particular with the help of one of the SCS coaches I have realised that the main thoughts I should be focusing on is my constant self criticism. I constantly think I could be better/should be better. At work I find constantly doubting myself, constantly wishing I was faster, more accurate and genuinely disappointed I’m not a faster learner or more accurate worker.
I’m constantly wishing I had other people’s self confidence and I wish I didn’t ask stupid questions and I wish people referred about me as amazing! I wish people though I was amazing at my job. I wish I thought I was amazing.
It’s been a really eventful year; I changed jobs, lost 37 kilos gain back 6kgs, my mother passed away less than 2 months ago and had a miscarriage since then, maybe 2.
Been one of the last chances to reach out I wanted to have one last great tip from you guys.
I feel overwhelmed as i want to work on myself and use the tools I have been giving in the last 12 months, hoping that by doing the work I can really transform myself and love my live.
So, my last question is where should I start. Where shall I focus, what is the first think I should work on?! Please don’t tell me just to choose one thing, if I was able to choose and stick to that choice then I probably would have consistently done the work, but I have been consumed by work and by doubt. If you were me, where would you start? Just choose one thing, I will just do it. Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience, I will certainly never see the world the same.