A to B not A to Z

First of all, thanks so much for your help – every coach in SCS has been amazingly helpful! I have a follow up on my “is it okay not to have a true goal?” question from yesterday. The coach said – “Think of your ultimate goal and call that Z. If you’re just starting out, you’re at A. So what does A to B look like?” I am struggling with this concept.

Logically, I know that small changes are better than no changes and that baby steps are okay. I would tell a friend that it is okay to take small steps, but for MYSELF I feel like I *should* be able to just stick to a strict protocol and that it shouldn’t be that hard since I am in control of my actions. I have done thought downloads on this and have the below model and hoping for some input. I would love help coming up with some bridge thoughts to start teaching myself to think that is it okay and enough to just take little steps at a time but I mentally hold myself to such a high standard that I am always like “no, you should be able to do exactly the plan you laid out.” Also interested if you can see any other thoughts in here that I’m not seeing that I should also be doing models on?

C: Set protocol for myself
T: I should be able to follow a protocol, no matter how rigid it is
F: Annoyed at myself for being tempted to not follow the protocol, and mad at myself when I ultimately go off it
A: I beat myself up for even questioning my ability to stay on the protocol, thus creating my own negative feelings that I then need to buffer against
R: Go off protocol to self-soothe angry feelings toward myself, mad at myself for going off, tell myself I need to get back on plan, choose a strict protocol, cycle repeats

Thank you for your help!