For the last 8 years my husband would say, “I must get the AC looked at” for a maintenance check. But he never did. This year when we switched it on for the first time in May he said it again.
We had a conversation about how important the AC is now we are both at home 24/7 because of Covid 19. I said, “Can I leave it to you to take care of?” He said yes but he didn’t do it.
And now we are in a heat wave, the AC broke and its incredibly hot in our home. I am REALLY frustrated and upset.
I find it hard to focus on work or anything when its this hot. And because it’s a heat wave the repair people are so busy that it’s going to be 7 days before they can come, which I find upsetting because I am trying to build my business and increase my income and its hard to do that when its too hot to focus.
I am unbelievably annoyed at my husband.
I don’t like feeling like this because he is a good man and I know he feels really bad about himself for not following through.
This isn’t a one off. He does some things around the house that he does really well but besides that things don’t usually get done unless I remind him or ‘help’ him to get started.

With the AC, he had a company that he wanted to use, because he had used in the past before he met me (10 years ago) so I didn’t think he need my help to get started.
He is generally a passive man. A kind loving man, but this passivity rears its head once in awhile to the point where it really bothers me. Also he is not a child, me ‘helping’ him to get started is what I need to do to get things done, but I feel annoyed that I have to do that sometimes too.