Achieved my Goals!! I feel so happy and feel accomplished. New thought models.

I have achieved my Impossible Goals for 2019 by July 24 and am amazed at this, I have lost 15 lbs; I have eliminated my daily wine habit, I do thought models and journal and write daily. I am more observant of my thoughts and feelings. I realize when I am irritated and do a thought model on it.

C- Reached IG
T- whoa what happened? Can I keep this up and maintain? Will I revert to old habits? Can I keep doing this forever?
F- nervous, anxious,
A- Keep doing models, journaling, observing thoughts
R- nagging thoughts keep bothering me

C- Reached Imp Goals
T – so amazing; so great, work has paid off immensely, I am doing it exactly right, I can make the right decisions every day. I am empowering myself every day.
F- happy, empowered
A- Continue doing the work, thought models, observing thoughts, journaling,
R- enjoy this phase of life, buy new clothes, dream of more IG