Actioning for goals vs projects? ( Sept work )

I’m working on this months topic and I’m stuck with something that seems so simple.
When we work on “all the things that need to get done” this sounds project based.
How do we use the same process for things that are “Goal” focused? Such as making a specific amount of money etc
I set a goal for a launch of a program ( launched about 10 days ago )
Set a goal for 17 people- have 6 registered.
Have been “doing all the things” – from emails sequence/ webinar/ fb lives/ direct reach out/old fashioned snail mail/ phone calls to take action to reach that goal.
So this upcoming weekend the cart closes – if 11 more dont sign up this week – i will not have reached the goal.
So how then do we continue towards the goal after actioning all the things?
Feeling little stuck on this. at the end of the week the launch period will close and the goal will be where it is no matter what.
Hopefully that Q makes enough sense …

Thanks so much