Actual Money: Part 2

Hi Brooke!

I so appreciate you offering to help me specifically with my money – thank you! You had asked for some details so here goes.

My current money and spending looks like this:

I make $3,050 a month
I spend $1,515 a month on bills (car payment, credit card, student loans, electric, cable)
The rest of my money is usually spent on:
~60-100: Fuel
~400: Groceries & household
~200-375: Paying random expenses (dr. visits, car registration etc.)
~660: Eating out, clothes, birthday gifts, massage, vacations,

In terms of what I can sell – a few days ago I began the process of going through all of my belongings and determining what I wanted to keep/get rid of. Most of the things I no longer want are of small value, <$10, but I will continue to go through my things.

In terms of what I could create – I am a talented artist currently working as a graphic designer. I could create a wide variety of art for people including portraits, photoshopped images, posters, flyers, booklets, website design, etc.

Here are a couple of things I’ve been struggling with. I’ve always associated creating artwork for others with how much time and effort went into it (according to your money videos, it seems I had it all wrong!) and often times I just don’t want to spend my evening and weekends doing more design work – it leaves me feeling deprived. Though just saying that now makes me realize that I am currently feeling deprived without the extra income anyhow… Interesting. I also experience a lot of self doubt with my art because I compare my work to that of others. I know I am very talented, I can see that, but when I think of other, more elite artists I don’t want to contend with them.

I will defiantly set up some time for coaching and will also attend the Money Call. Is there a place I should sign up so that I can be added to the list of those who will be coached during that call?

Thank you for all that you do, Brooke. You’re amazing!