Admiring Myself and Target Market Question

Hi Brooke! Thank you for SCS March and April – life changing and it isn’t even April yet. 🙂

After dropping out of SCS for a few weeks in February, I completed the March daily assignment consistently. What a difference it made in my belief that I am becoming a coach.

I was so excited to get the April materials, but as soon as I opened the workbook, I felt a ton of resistance – I don’t want to schedule myself, how am I going to plan a whole month, I should stop and do this later when I can put more thought into it, etc. But, I just barrelled through the workbook last night while hanging out with my kids – definitely B minus work on my part.

And what do you know? I have my whole month of April planned out! And I love my plan and it will get me more results in line with becoming a coach – blogging regularly and starting weekly emails.

So, I’m admiring myself right now. I rock.

I’d like someone to review my target market idea. What do you think? To general? Any suggested changes?

Target market:
Working moms who crave being less busy
Highly intelligent, sensitive introvert, age 30-50
Ready to invest time and money in doing the work to create real, lasting change
Understand the true value this provides

Problem I want to help them solve:
Life is overly busy, taking a toll on health, happiness, and wealth (don’t have good financial control because living on the edge of sanity), and relationships with children and others. Stressed at work, stressed at home. Perfect day is relaxing in PJs with a good book but never get that. Know what is important in life – family, own mental/physical health, marriage, contribution – but spending inordinate amount of time and energy on stuff that doesn’t actually matter. Know this intellectually but can’t figure out how to change it. Spend time worrying about work, kids, etc. and then lose that time for sleeping and enjoying life. Life is going too fast, want to slow down but don’t know how to without f’ing everything up.

Feel like their inner core is relaxed, peaceful, just want to enjoy life/family and go with the flow
But keep getting sucked back into overwhelm, stress, and feeling overly busy

How I will help them solve it:
Give them back control of their life and feelings by teaching self coaching model, boundaries, constraint, routine, life planning. Give them calm, less busy life where their time and money is aligned with their values (what matters most) and their own wellbeing.

Thank you in advance for the guidance! And thank you for SCS – you and your team rock, too!