Hi Brooke,

I have problem thoughts about ageing. I am 33 and have health issues and my dad passed away last year so basically I have had an awful year. I am working on myself though and trying to change thoughts surrounding these issues. However I also have a new problem, I have noticed that I have aged dramatically over the last year. I feel so upset about it. I know in my logical brain, you really have to get over it as this is what happens to everyone, it’s part of life. And I know in comparison it is noway such a big deal, but i am getting pretty hung up on it. I try and change my thoughts to ‘this is just part of life’, ‘I am here on this planet, which means I am very lucky and I am meant to experience every age’ ‘everybody ages and that’s okay’, ‘you can cause yourself more suffering by thinking this way or you can enjoy life and focus on other things’ These help somewhat but then I look in the mirror and the negative thoughts come back again. In the back of my head I hear ‘it’s really not okay’. Any help or advice ? Thank you xx