All or almost all “negative” thoughts^

Clarifying- In this week’s feeling worksheets, numbers 3 & 4, what are the positive and negative daily feelings, we’re just breaking down what’s positive & negative from what we felt from the download, yes?

Brooke – they’re almost all uncomfortable, unhappy feelings. No 50-50. It’s more 90-100% negative and 10-0% positive. Same ones repeating – panic, fear, grief. This was NOT the case last month when my thought download was focused on the project I’d selected. This is my unfocused thoughts. It sucks (another thought, I know.)

I’m going slowly asking this now as my head keeps slipping around the process this month. Clearly I’ve got something big.
1) I’m uncovering a baseline negativity and unhappiness in my life. Propelled by thoughts. That I’m now uncovering through this process.

2) I’m looking straight at them. Knowing they aren’t facts, only thoughts. This is pulling them out and lying them in the middle of the room.

3) Now I’m meant to run the 3 questions by them – serve me, want it, outdated or current.

4) Do a model for a replacement thought. Things begin to change.

Question: Overwhelm comes during this, which adds a level of challenge to getting through this entire process and finishing a model. At this point, just choose a thought that feels on the deeper side, do a model, let it be enough and move on with the day?

– When I recognize these feelings coming up / waking me up throughout the night / stopping me or slowing me down throughout the day, it isn’t practical to stop, find the source thought and do a model each time, and whatever I did last isn’t necessarily the thought that just came up. What to do in those moments, besides notice the feeling’s there and breathe? I’d like to be addressing something on the thought level. Just repeat the new thought from my last model? Do something else?