Allow, or indulgent?

Hi Brooke, I notice my brain has a habit of picturing bad things that could happen – a car accident, a diagnosis, a lost child etc. this happens several times a day, often vividly. I think it’s my brain’s way of trying to keep me safe and cautious but it makes me feel a sick fear & my action is usually to try to distract myself from the thought, push it aside as unhelpful – although sometimes I might act in a productive way eg a health screening. I add to the fear by thinking that because I’m imagining it & putting something fearful in the T line, I might be making it more likely to manifest – so more reason to push the thought aside. How should I handle these scary scenarios – as category 2 (unwanted but allow) or indulgent?

( I was thinking that the common thought behind these fears is “sooner or later something bad will happen”…this feels quite an entrenched belief despite wanting to believe all circumstances are neutral)

Thank you so much.