Allowing a feeling

As I’m thinking through my plans to allow this feeling on purpose, I’m realizing that allow goes in the A line. So when I act on the feeling is that different than allowing it? For example: I have a thought pop into my brain about desperately wanting to go see a movie right now that causes a feeling of overdesire within me. The action I take is to talk my husband into it so that we can get ready and go. After thinking about what it means to allow a feeling, I’m now assuming that the action I took to get us to go to the movies is not a form of allowing the feeling of overdesire. So if I created a new model with the action of allowing the feeling by noticing it, feeling it in my body, and breathing then that would be summed up as allowing it. And if that’s allowing then would you consider my act of talking him into going to the movies as avoiding or resisting the feeling of overdesire? Or something else?