Allowing the negative even with the flu

Dear Brooke,

After 4 months in Scholars, I had my first experience of really allowing an urge without answering it and it was astounding to me. I’ve “known” for a long time, probably decades, about allowing feelings and thoughts to pass through, etc., but I did not actually experience it until Scholars. It’s like having someone describe a sunset and then actually seeing one for the first time….it floored me. Now, I am seeing the concept applies all over the place in my life, leaving me to fully enjoy that 50% of happiness. Today I even found it works with the flu. I was pissing and moaning in my head about feeling sick when I realized I was just making it worse by resisting it. Even the flu gets better with Scholars. Absolutely flipping amazing. Thank you so much. Every time things starts to get more difficult as I tackle previously closed doors, something like this comes along to affirm I’m on the right track. I am so, so, so grateful to you and your team for making these concepts available in a practical, structured form. I have a great brain, I see, and I love making it an ally vs an enemy.