Allowing Vs. Processing Emotion

Hi there! Thanks for answering my question.

Sometimes I find myself slipping into confusion about when to allow an emotion to “be there” as you continue going about your day vs. when you stop to process the emotion all the way through.

I almost always have a feeling of tension/anxiety in my chest, and I’m wondering whether I need to spend time trying to process the emotion vs. taking it along with me for the day.

I love Brooke’s analogy of anxiety being her “heavy purse.” I also remember Stacey Boehman explaining that you can keep working even with negative emotions.

But at what point is “bringing the emotion along with you” simply resisting feeling it? I know that my tendency is to avoid feeling anxiety by jumping into work. I make myself busy to try and combat the outrun the anxiety because I’m thinking scarcity thoughts like “I need to get this done.” “I’m running out of time.” “There’s not enough time.” etc.

Can you help me better understand the balance of allowing the emotions to be there vs. processing the emotions through?

Thank you so much!