Almost one year later


I joined in January of 2018.

As I enter the holiday season, I’m feeling a powerful unwanted desire to “drift.”

My drifting isn’t so dramatic: It involves lame movies on netflix, staying up too late, having a bit more sugar, indulging in unplanned wine. So dang boring but it messes with my sleep and then the ripple effect in my mind and mood is not so great.

That said, I’ve made tremendous progress in the no flour, sugar and alcohol department since January.

And my business is going well.

My marriage is on the right track.

And yet, I’m feeling flat.

I even had a week of “trying” a glass of wine and having some sugar each night and it immediately impacted my mood, sleep. So I can’t really do a “joy” drink without careful planning. It was remarkable how quickly I felt poorly. It took 4-5 days of eating clean to get myself feeling clear and solid again.

I want to end the year strong.

The thoughts: (they take turns) It’s all too much, I’m not sure I can really do this (take it to the next level), it’s too hard, why can’t i just be like everyone and eat whatever

The feels: tired

The action: buffering with netflix

Result: drift, give up before trying

I feel like I just keep repeating all these models on various self-indulgent feelings.

Not sure if this is like the final throw down between me and my all too familiar indulgent emotions self pity and apathy.

So my question is…

Have you seen this happen… a year or so into big changes and feeling like giving up?

Any advice for me to breakthrough this plateau of sorts? If that’s what it is.

Thanks so much!