I already did the homework (Suzy told me to tell you this! HA)

Hi Brooke! I was at Study Hall last night and I told Suzy and the group this and she said you would get a kick out of it so to post it in Ask Brooke…… I wrote.

I just have to brag because I have already done all of the physical homework for the month. I had a dumpster last week and went though every single closet and cabinet. My basement and attic which were full of 40 years of “stuff” are basically empty, Everything was donated or tossed and all that remains are things that are current and being used. It is AMAZING! My home is clean. My brain is clean. There has been such a shift in my entire life in the past week. I am giddy! I want to encourage everyone to really do the homework and enjoy the process of decluttering your home and your mind! 🙂