Amazing insights this weekend

Hi Everyone,
No question really, I just wanted to share some amazing insights from this weekend. I’ve been working on how my thoughts about needing to do more, better, faster, and perfectly cause my overwhelm and inability to make decisions and get things done. One of the specific thoughts that I have is “this project is really big and hard and complicated”, this causes a lot of anxiety and my action is to sit down and try to make a perfect plan and get it all scheduled on my calendar. Then I see all the problems and issues with the plan. So I change my mind and replan and rethink everything. All in an effort to make sure both the plan and the outcome will be perfect. Even though I rationally know that perfect is impossible, I still keep trying harder and harder to figure it all out. I think I’m imagining that if I can just get the right plan, then it will be easy and I’ll do it. And eventually I’m so frustrated that I can’t even deal with it any more. I give up and nothing gets done. What I realized this weekend is that this whole cycle of spinning my mental wheels proves to me over and over again exactly how big and complicated and difficult the project is. If I can’t figure this out, then it must be really hard and complicated. And all of this makes me believe the thought “this is so hard, I can’t do it” as if it’s a fact. My second insight is that the thought “this is so hard” is a choice. I didn’t really believe that I choose my thoughts (because I see now that I was believing they were facts) but this morning as I was thinking about starting to organize a bin of junk on my desk (which was going to be really hard and confusing), it suddenly clicked for me. I thought “why can’t this just be simple?” and then I thought “I choose simple and done”. And guess what – it was simple and done in no time. I cranked through the whole bin in less than 10 minutes, threw out 95% of it, and it’s done. After two months in the program, this is the first time I’m seeing how the model and choosing thoughts actually works in my life. I’m so excited (and relieved). I can’t wait to see what I choose to think next.