amazing thoughts about my dessert life (AS)

Hi Brooke,

I joined scholars for many reasons, but not for overeating or overdrinking programs. I don’t have extra weight even though I eat a lot of desserts, but what I do have is high cholesterol. I also believe that sugar causes many ailments, not just extra weight. Anyway, after watching some of your videos on overeating, I was blown away by the idea that it’s possible that one doesn’t crave dessert. You don’t use will power, you don’t avoid social gatherings, you just don’t want it. It’s not a thing. I have to say, my first reaction was to say, no it’s not possible. I started giving this a lot of thought and like you I love figuring out what is possible for me. I would love to not want desserts ever at all. Two months ago I started observing my own behavior around food without judgement (very revealing!). I eat as if this is my last meal. All I have been doing is being curious what would it be like to not want desserts. Let’s just say I am not dessert free at this time, but I am starting to believe that it’s possible for me to become indifferent to dessert by my own choice. Yesterday was mother’s day, I had a small bite of a doughnut hole and a small piece of pancake, for the rest of the meal I was observing how beautiful everything is and checking in how I feel. I felt no desperation to eat, no limitation, no shortage of anything. I freaking love it. Thank you for expanding my world yet again.