An unintentional model I’ve been stuck on for the past 7 months.

I’ve been a realtor for the past 7 months and I cannot seem to get past this. I can make calls at home and feel perfectly confident. When I’m the only person at the office I feel totally fine. If there’s others at the office and around me I do this model without fail.

C- I’m at the office with other people and I’m making prospecting calls
T- I should be able to make these calls and not feel so timid
F- Shame
A- I go to my home office, ruminate on my inability to do this thing, eat, buffer on social media, I don’t make the calls, talk down on myself, tell myself there’s something wrong with me, sweat, I don’t make offers, I don’t help the people that might need me
R- Not increasing my pipeline and being terrible to myself