And the winner is….

I have decided and set the intention that this year (next 12 months-ish) is when I find my healing or my healing finds me. I intend and expect that I’ll feel amazing again.

So last month I went to a thyroid educational seminar put on by a local compounding pharmacy and was delighted that there were two nurse practitioners from a specialty clinic there giving the seminar along with the pharmacy. This integrative medicine clinic specializes in thyroid, hormones, fibromyalgia, etc. I was on the edge of my seat soaking in all the great info throughout the presentation. I knew the universe put me there for a reason and I knew I should probably become a patient of this clinic.

At the end of the seminar, they did a drawing for a free product (supplement). I won the drawing. It felt like the universe was confirming and telling me through that win that, “yes, Mary, these are the people you need to see.”

I called the clinic and was told that since I have fibromyalgia I should really see the doctor rather than one of the nurse practitioners since he specializes in fibromyalgia but the first available appt is in December. Otherwise, I could get in sooner if I want to see one of the nurse practitioners to start the process of sussing out what is causing my unique set of issues. I have an appt for Dec.

So tonight, I went to the same pharmacy’s seminar on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I was super excited when I went in and saw that, once again, this clinic was there to give this fibromyalgia presentation. But, better yet, THE doctor I’m waiting to see was the one giving the presentation. Oh Yay! 😍
As I’m listening to him I know that he’s the doctor for me. I like his style and I love that he doesn’t stop trying things with his patients until he gets them to 100% again. It’s been so long since I’ve had a doctor that felt like the right practitioner for me.

At the end of the presentations, they did a drawing. By this point I was quite physically uncomfortable and squirming in my seat and ready to get home. I wasn’t feeling well. I put it out to universe that I expected to win the drawing for tonight but really did not have total faith since I was letting my body’s discomfort get to me. I WON TONIGHT’S DRAWING ALSO!! I took that as a giant signpost from the universe that, “yes, Mary, he is the right doctor that is going to lead you to your total recovery. You are in the right place! Now go home and get some rest”

Just had to share my wins and the messages from the universe leading me to the right place.

Mary in Dallas