Anorher BIG Dare

I am scared of traveling alone, not knowing how to get somewhere ahead of time. Its like I dont trust the GPS.
I have also never traveled alone for the purpose of pleasure…worhout someone waiting for me at the destination or coming withh me..always for work or for a seminar or something..
I have anxiety when i drive to unknown places..the chest pain and heart palpitations take over and i cant breathe..

But i dared myself to get over it… today, i drove to the catskills in NY, a two hour drive north of my home.. by myself… not knowing how to get there ahead of time and not knowing anyone who will be here… just me, my journal, my laptop, yoga, meditation and chanting..

I got here and i did it! The drive wasn’t bad! I didnt die…
Next time i will drive 4 hours somewhere new! I can take my daughter on fun roadtrips!! Yipeeeee!!