Anti Fragile?

I just listened to the Anti Fragile Podcast.
I was told all my life that I am too sensitive. Especially when I was a child other children sensed it and they punished me. I completely lost the ability to believe in myself and trust myself. I thought that there is something seriously wrong with me. Yet, I have accomplished a top university degree, live in an amazing city and have the privilege to work on my dream career.

When I learned about high sensitivity about 2-3 years ago it helped me a lot. It was an explanation for everything that happened to me in my life. It made me have compassion with myself for the first time. And I started to trust myself again.

But I believe that I have to find a new thought to believe about myself now. I am working on getting self-employed, I am facing many new challenges, I am risking things, it feels like the challenge of my life.
And I feel that my high sensitivity does not serve me anymore. It whispers in my ear: “you can’t do this because this is too much for you …” I don’t like it, but I listen, because I am used to listen. It used to be something that protected me.

I can not find a new thought to believe. And I cannot go back to the past, because I accomplished many of my past goals by beeing very unkind and strict to myself. There must be some way in between, but how do I find it? Can you help me please?