You said to do this model and it blew my mind when I realized why this is my A line! Also uncovered more questions

A: put off protocol foods in mouth and Netflix til 1

I filled it in like this but I know my C can’t be right—

C: so much anxiety
T: putting this candy in mouth feels better
F: ease and relief from anxiety
A: put off protocol foods in mouth
R: still fat and still have anxiety.

Is having anxiety a cirmcumstance? I didn’t realize that my having sooo much anxiety was leading to the thoughts, feelings and actions so directly. It really is a revelation. I knew it was part of why I am not living the life I want to live but it may be at the core of everything I struggle with! I spend sooo much time spinning my wheels in anxiety. Maybe I need some medication? How will I know? I know you have morning anxiety. I do sometimes sit with my anxiety and let the feelings wash over me.