Anxiety about the Holidays

I just joined scholars in November and I’m starting with the overeating program, working my way through the videos and joining the calls. I’m feeling strong, motivated and successful. However, I really want to be prepared for what (in the past) has been a weakness of mine – holidays surrounded with family and food for extended amounts of time. I can tell myself this time is different but it won’t be true until I have evidence of that – meaning I’ve come out on the other end without going off protocol. Right now, I’m not even sure that is possible. If you have any advice or strategies, I would appreciate it. I’m getting really nervous thinking about it. Perhaps I should break it down – Thanksgiving is only a 4 day trip. I could work on committing to my protocol through that, and after that, plan for the New Years trip which is the long one (10+) days. And perhaps I should modify my protocol to include a couple of drinks to be festive. Though I’m very concerned any minor modification will throw me off completely. Thank you!