Anxiety on the highway


Hi! I have a client who has anxiety and panic when she gets on on-ramps on the highway and on the highway in general. She has a core belief that she can’t do it! She believes her left arm will turn numb and she will crash. 10 years ago she had a panic attack on a highway out of the blue and ever since then she has been avoiding this. It is limiting her and takes her so much longer to go on backroads. The question is, both Bev and Katrina mentioned on the calls that the lower brain can only produce intense emotions, but not motor function. I think this may help her. Can you explain this a little further? We are work on her being an peace with anxiety outside of driving and making it bigger and smaller so it loses some of its mystery…..How will she know when she is ready to get on the highway? Any other tools that may help her? Thank you 🙂