Anxiety and thought changing


My name is Corina, I’ve enrolled this month for Scholars and couldn’t be more excited. I am very committed to my work, and do the Thought download every day.
My question is related to the fact that I try to do everything ‘perfect’ because obviously I was thinking before that it’s the only way to succes! I actually wanna learn to feel comfortable with failure!
So I do this Thought download and I find alot of thoughts going through my mind that I don’t wanna have.
How do I change the thoughts in order for the change to be permanent?
Because I am trying to change it, but if I find the same thought in my mind couple of days after I get upset and have anxiety!
Basically I get upset because I am upset!
HOw do I allow myself to feel upset?
And then how do I allow anxiety in my life?

Thank you,