How to apply the model when unsure of C and R


I’m a newbie in TLCS since only a few days and so far I’ve literally devoured the content that’s been made available to me so far and I have loved it! It’s been so many AHA!-moments that my head spin and I have felt so much stronger and wiser and more confident than I have been in a very long while.

So I was about to tell you this very long story which I edited (i.e. removed) because I realized when I read it that it was just a way for me to justify me feeling mad at my friend, so never mind. If, however, you do need more information to be able to answer let me know and I’ll elaborate.

Anyway, now I feel very sad, disappointed and angry (so much that I’m actually asking myself if I’m not overdoing it a bit) and I don’t really know WHY I’m feeling that way.

So my question is; How do I apply the model when I don’t have a clue about the C and my feelings seem to end up on the R instead of F? It feels like I went from enlightened to Neandertal in a nanosecond, what happened? Is it because I tried to prove (to me or her or anybody in the nearest 20-mile radius) that I was right feeling what I did (instead of trying to change my thoughts)? Or am I experiencing an early “re-lapse” (to the un-enlightened that is)? I am feeling totally confused!

Have a great weekend!