April Homework… already


OK – Last month I taught myself to believe : I am 132 lbs on my birthday – 10/3 – this year. AWESOME! I learned I actually can lose 2 lbs a week… WHAT???

This month is time managements – love it…. but here is my question. I’m not having any trouble fitting in activities I need to do for that. I’m at 1.9 lbs/ week for 10 weeks.

Should I :
Continue with that theme and plan my morning runs (which I do miss once in a while but which I am not doing for weight loss…just for healthy) and plan my meals etc.

Or should I use this month to try planning out a big work project (terrific if I could finish that in April!) or a personal project ( got a few more chapters in my current novel to finish and it would be great to pack it off to an editor in May)?

I’m not having trouble with time management around the weight loss goal but again… I have several more months to go and it is my number one goal.

Also, if you tell me to stay with weight loss, is it OK to plan in other items each day for the daily plan ’cause of course the other stuff needs progress 🙂

Stoked for April!!