April: One week in and plans have changed

Hi Brooke!

I was gung ho about my April plan several days ago and now have changed my mind about what I want to do. I like my reasons but would appreciate your thoughts, too.

Original Plan:
– Start following 14 steps to building a coaching business by…
– Post on blog once/week
– Send email once/week (haven’t built list yet, but writing email / sending to myself)
– Sign-up for Aweber, get .com email address, open checking account for business expenses

I liked having my schedule and got a post and email completed, signed up for Aweber, etc.

At the same time, here’s how the rest of my week was going.
– Monday had my first 1:1 coaching experience with Suzy – LOVED IT! Amazing experience.
– Tuesday / Wednesday read The Prosperous Coach after seeing it mentioned in the podcast booklet. Loved this book!
– Thursday had a 1:1 45 minute session with Suzy – again, loved it! I see the power of having my own coach now and have signed up for a couple more sessions.
– Also Thursday I coached people for the first time! I did two 1:1 sessions with co-workers that had volunteered to be coached by me. I can’t explain this experience other than to say that when I finished the sessions, I felt certain that I want to be a coach.

After having these experiences, I don’t want to focus on building my blog and email list. Instead, I want to spend my time/energy/money:
– Getting coached myself (including SCS but also working 1:1 with a coach)
– Learning how to coach, practicing, and getting feedback on my coaching.

My reason for doing this is that I think coaching is incredibly powerful and I want to get my own coaching and build my skills as a coach before starting to build my business. The purpose of blogging/list building is marketing to get people to coach – at this point I have no worries about finding people who would be willing volunteers to get coached by me (for free as I learn), even without having a list built.

So, I changed my plan and I like my reasons, but I still feel a little bit like I am quitting on my commitment to blog and build a list.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! And thanks to SCS for connecting me with Suzy!! 🙂