August list of stuff I will do related to my purpose

Here’s what I came up with for my purpose, “To live free of anything that might hold me back from living life to my fullest potential and help others do the same.” It was an “ah ha” from a sermon I listed to on being free, based on Galations 5. There is still some research I want to do and may refine it, but that’s what I’m starting with.

I have done the homework for days 1 and 2 and am wondering if “do my SCS homework” is okay to put every day since I feel like that is part of my “what am I going to do today that relates to my purpose”. Aside from doing my SCS homework and research (reading things or watching things), do you have any “to do” ideas / suggestions? One of my “to do” items on today’s list was to ask this question! 🙂